Corollaries to the New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ


The reading of these Corollaries to the New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ requires that certain crucial, vital and important conditions are met by any prospective reader of this book. These conditions were conveyed to me by the Word of The Lord Jesus Christ on April 17, 1994. They are as follows:

  1. It is absolutely essential that any prospective reader, before reading this particular book, has a thorough knowledge and understanding of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ which was published in 1992 and reissued in January, 2001. That is to say, in order to properly understand and implement what is being related in these Corollaries, one needs to read The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ first.
  2. It is not sufficient to only read and understand The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ. The most important and spiritually most essential condition that has absolute validity is that The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ is accepted, and its principles, concepts, ideas and precepts are put into practice in all aspects of one’s life, as the true Word of The Lord Jesus Christ.
  3. The acceptance and practice of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ has to be under the condition of total and indisputable free will and free choice of any prospective reader of both these books without any outside imposition, duress and demands of miracles, signs and similar external factors that rob one of his/her free will and free choice; or without trying to please someone or something. And it has to be for the sake of principle, without any strings attached, for the sake of knowing the truth and practicing it in all aspects of one’s life without expecting anything in return.
  4. One is to approach the reading of this book with an open mind and heart, in purity of one’s positive intent and with the right motivation in order to become a better, more loving, more wise, more merciful, for giving and compassionate being and for the sake of The Lord Jesus Christ, for the sake of others and for one’s own sake.
  5. In order to properly understand everything that is suggested and outlined in this book, it is necessary to develop a sense of one’s own responsibility and accountability for the outcome of the reading of this material and how it is understood, applied and interpreted. One is to rely on one’s own intuition and utilize it for verification, confirmation and validation of everything that is being revealed in this book. Thus, it is absolutely essential that every reader confirms, verifies and validates all statements in this book from the position of his/her own within through the process of his/her own intuitive discernment. This, of course, will work only and only if one approaches this factor in purity of one’s heart, asking the right questions and receiving the right answers for the sake of discovering the true Source of these revealed Truths (plural!) in order that the Kingdom of The Lord Jesus Christ’s Heaven is permanently established in one’s heart and mind, that is, in all aspects of one’s life.

 Now, unless the above outlined conditions are met, one will not be able to benefit from the reading of this book. And not only that, but, most importantly, the outcome of such reading, without meeting these conditions, can become extremely spiritually dangerous for such a reader. So, let the prospective reader be aware of these facts and, based on them, let him/her make a wise decision in the matter of how to proceed in this respect.

Dr. Peter D. Francuch Santa Barbara, California

Second Printing: 2001

The copyright of these books belong only to the Lord Jesus Christ, because it it His/Her Word. In general, thesebooks are meant for public use and are available for free to everyone.