Dialogs with The Lord Jesus Christ - First Volume


The first volume of this book consists of 100 Dialogs with The Lord Jesus Christ. They were recorded sequentially and therefore, it is advised that their first reading be undertaken sequentially as well. Some Dialogs contain topics which were addressed in the previous Dialogs and for that reason, it would be difficult to understand what they contain without their relatedness to the preceding Dialogs.

These Dialogs can be considered as a sequence to and continuation of The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ and the Corollaries to The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ. Because their philosophy, and everything contained in them, has a direct relevance to those two books, it would be impossible to properly understand anything in these Dialogs without the prior reading of those two preceding books and without thorough knowledge and practice of what they contain. Otherwise, very little would make sense with what these Dialogs deal. And not only that, but there is a certain degree of spiritual danger in reading them without the prior familiarity and acceptance of the content of the previously published two books. Not knowing and understanding what these Dialogs contain or deal with, may lead the prospective reader to reject whatever they offer. In such a rejection is hidden the possible denial of the spiritual truth directly derived from The Lord Jesus Christ Who is the Absolute Truth Himself/Herself. In this logical sense, denial of the content of these Dialogs, may equal denial of The Lord Jesus Christ. This is the mentioned spiritual danger.

Of course, based on any prospective reader’s free will and choice, he/she may accept or reject anything contained not only in these Dialogs but also in the preceding two books—as indicated above. Nothing is being forced or imposed on anyone. However, in order to be fair and objective, it is necessary to honestly warn about any possible consequences, results and outcomes of any choice in this respect.

 The above mentioned conditions and requirements fully apply to the Second Volume of these Dialogs likewise.

Thank you for considering what is being revealed in these Dialogs.

Dr. Peter D. Francuch Santa Barbara, CA

June 20, 2000

The copyright of these books belong only to the Lord Jesus Christ, because it it His/Her Word. In general, thesebooks are meant for public use and are available for free to everyone.